Rob Schrama (foto: Clarissa Ruijgrok)

For more than 40 years Rob Schrama brings art into action as a vehicle for change. In his native country the Netherlands and abroad he organizes actions, performances and festivals for the benefit of a better world. He develops concepts for a hopeful future and while bringing them into action he involves as many people as possible.

As an artist and teacher of Visual Arts, Rob Schrama developes  "Art Confrontation", a method to transform art into a means for action. He explores his experiences at the University of Amsterdam (Pedagogy and Art philosophy). This results in a book: Art Confrontation; politicises Art and aestheticises Action).

Universities, Colleges of Higher Education, and Art Academies regularly invite Rob Schrama to give guest lectures. As a professor in Action Art in Amsterdam, East and West-Berlin and in Kassel, Rob Schrama teaches how Art can change the society. Together with his students he organizes large-scale projects of art. As Vice-president of the International Centre for Celebration, Rob Schrama visits and advises events all over the world.

Rob Schrama also initiates festivals of his own: in Amsterdam, Amersfoort and Santa Fe he encourages the inhabitants to participate in writing and poetry actions; transforming the whole city into one huge open book and podium. In Potsdam he creates Eutopia: the city is a model for a European utopia. Inhabitants and artists are currently working to establish it.

In the centre of the Netherlands, the province of Flevoland, he is aiming for the materialization of Eurowood, with meditation as a method of action, and with the support of many interested people.

In his place of residence in Amsterdam, Rob Schrama organises events, festivals and happenings. He also supports art initiative groups with the realization of their plans, such as the Metamorphosis for Bicycles in a suburb, Marie de la Nuit through the nightlife of Amsterdam, a Pyramid of Light, created with lasers, for celebrating Peace, and Happening on the Water, as a hommage to the legendary Dutch artist Robert Jasper Grootveld, who transformed Amsterdam into the magic  center in the sixties.

Rob Schrama is one of the initiators of the Jersusalem Hug, an annual event, in which Israelis and Palestinians as well as peace activists from all over the world walk hand in hand around the city walls of Jerusalem, sharing their wish for peace and their love for Jerusalem. Rob Schrama would like to establish a Pyramid of Light above the Old City, followed by a chain of Pyramid of Light all over the world.

In addition, Rob Schrama creates wall sculptures, inspired by the beauty of minerals. His pieces of art are liberated from the canvas and seem to hover along the wall. His work has been exhibited in galleries in the Nretherlands and abroad.